Is it possible to combine active motherhood and the legacies of feminism? For some people, these are two distinct views and ideas or incompatible. However, some mothers can unite them in a phenomenon we call Maternal Entrepreneurship.

It is a recent phenomenon. Is more advanced in the U.S. and European countries than in Brazil, although not always called that way, is already a phenomenon easy to see here.

It is estimated that more than 10.4 Brazilian play their own business and currently, about 65% of women returning to the labor market immediately after maternity leave. Of this total, 15% is dedicated to other functions and creating new sources of income. The "entrepreneurial mothers" have a profile: they are young people between 28 and 33 years old, hip and interested in fashion and news.

Maternal Entrepreneurship is a complex phenomenon, but, roughly speaking, we could say that it covers many changes in mothers professional lifes. A mother can have a new entrepreneurial activity or return to her old job, but seeking new ways and a new volume of dedication.

In this sense, we can say that it is driven by the desire of mothers to spend more time with their children and find new options for professional careers. Also are "engines" of entrepreneurship mother (in a more social-historical way) the easing of labor and birth of the "entrepreneurs", the advent of new technologies and social media, enabling us to work from a distance and home offices; active motherhood and attachment parenting, and of course the historical legacies and achievements of feminism.

It is also important to say that entrepreneurship mother ends up being an individual choice of women, often because the job market and politics in our country are not advanced with regard to women's rights and mother and family (fathers too!) . However, we believe that also in the network, we can be together, fighting to change this reality and that, one day, have the right to be respected for our children safeguarded by laws and policies that recognize the need to be with them and make ourselves more present especially in the first years of life.
Our intention with this blog is exploring all aspects of this phenomenon, trying to understand what is it and how we can support each other (between entrepreneurial mothers), exchanging information and ways of doing and looking for more visibility and recognition for our efforts.

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